Thursday, February 27, 2020

A Review of the White Houses Blog on Native Americans Essay

A Review of the White Houses Blog on Native Americans - Essay Example The White House has an official web site, and in it, one can find the blog on Native Americans. The blog is undoubtedly maintained by the government, thus its contents are expected to have been approved by the Palace. Indeed, when I visited the blog thrice on March 18, 20, and 22, I read articles that seemed like press releases by the government. The blog features articles on the protection of rights of Indian tribes in America. Maintained by the government, one can assume that the blog does not contain any taboo themes that can cause damage to the image of the White House. Rather, the blog helps project a reputable image of the President and his governance. The blog contains articles written by different people but most of them are employed under the government. One of the contributors is Milford Wayne Donaldson, the chairman of Advisory Council on Historic Preservation (ACHP). On March 20, Donaldson wrote about the plan of the ACHP to adopt UN’s Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People. This will benefit the indigenous people because the declaration gives right to indigenous people to protect their heritage places or sites. This means that if there are propositions to alter a heritage site, authorities will have to consult first with indigenous people before undergoing any action. An earlier post dated March 7 talks about the signing of the President of the Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act of 2013. Jodie Gillette and Charlie Galbraith (2003) posted this article, complete with a video of the whole program. The video shows the people who attended the signing of the act and the speech of the President as regards the importance of women’s rights. The article also reports relevant information about violence done on Native American women. According to it, a recent study found out that 46% of Native American women suffered from violence such as rape, physical abuse and assault. With the approval of the act, the authors assume that Native American women will be more empowered to take on the challenge to report any violence they encounter. Another post by Jodie Gillette talks about the tribal leaders’ convention held on December 5, 2012. This rather late post was made on March 18 to report on the details of the long-finished convention. One good thing about the post is that it includes links to other posts such as Tribal Law and Order Act, Violence Against Women Act, and others. On one hand, the links help visitors to understand the related issues further. On the other, it helps students and authorities document reports with necessary information surrounding the issue. Clearly, the blog addresses the general public, including Americans and other nationalities who will be visiting the blog. In particular, students engaged in Native American research will benefit greatly from the important information offered in the blog. Native American s also benefit from it as they read about government programs to protect their rights and culture. Moreover, authorities will be kept updated on government actions for Native Americans and tribal people. Overall, the blog promotes the image of the White House as it features the good deeds of the government, especially the president. Specifically, the articles in the blog reflect the concern of the White House for the Native Americans. Given the topics in the blog and the organization it

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